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What to expect on a Lung Removal Surgery (Pneumonectomy) - Pre-Surgery


I spent couple of days to browse around looking for any kind of information I could get about the surgery when the decision to have my left lung completely removed was made. I tried to get myself well informed on what to prepare, what to expect and the recovery but unfortunately, there weren't many I can find. I decide to share my personal experience here.

I have to show up at the Hospital for Preadmission 2 (two) days before the actual surgery. I updated the Hospital on all of my information and Insurance. They drew my blood and did a swab for COVID test. The nurse then briefed me on what time they expect me to arrive, when should I stop eating/ drinking and basically get myself well-informed related to the surgery.

They require one person to be in the Hospital during the Surgery just in case.

They gave me 2 packs of antiseptic soap thingy to shower with. One on the night before the surgery and another one for the morning of the surgery. No deodorant or body lotion (or anything at all) in the morning of the surgery.

I wash and clean myself thoroughly including washing my long hair the night before the surgery. It had nothing to do with how I want to be seen or anything vain like that. It's because I knew it's going to be days or probably even weeks before I'd be able to wash myself properly again. I shower twice a day (don't judge me, I took personal hygiene really seriously), so I know not being able to shower properly would bother me a lot.

I can't eat or drink anything after 8PM but by this point I have already used with fasting for Scans or Procedures.

Checking-in for the surgery early in the morning, they walk me and my Husband inside after making sure I'm the right patient showing up for a right procedure and put a patient bracelet on my left hand. I took all off my clothes, took urine sample and put on a patient gown in the toilet and then waited in one of the room. The nurse left me and my Husband with a wipe pack, a bag to put all my stuff, a pair of red socks and hair net so we can wipe me with a specifically made for surgery wipes. There were 5 thick wipes in one pack, one for each arms and legs and the other one for the body.

Another nurse walked in to set an IV then my previous nurse came and started typing on the computer. In the middle of all those, another nurse walked in to put a compression socks on me.

I started to feel a little suffocated so my Husband started telling funny stories to everybody in the room, made everybody including me laughing with him and took a couple of selfies with me.

A lady came in after all those to shave me. Yes you read that right. I was so embarrassed my husband started laughing and he told her that "She's clean" but she insisted to check my private area so I finally gave up. And even after seeing that I was clean, she still felt the need to try to shave me!

Anyway, let's move on. The surgeon's assistant came and briefly informed us that they're going to wheel me to the 4th floor and then they will put me on Anesthesia before wheeling me inside the Surgery Theater.

They let my husband came with me to the Surgery waiting room (?) which was basically a bunch of hospital bed separated by curtains.

The anesthesiologist came to tell us his plan, whether I have experienced any allergy and making sure we understand before he left. My Surgeon showed up right after to brief us again about the procedure and making sure we understand before one of the Surgical nurse put an IV on the back of my hand. After telling my Husband where he wait for me and how they're going to reach out to him after the surgery is done, they inject something through the IV on the back of my hand and the last thing I remember was thinking "They really should clear this alley, it's so packed!" as they wheel me to the Surgery Room.

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