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What it’s about

It’s not about the expensive holiday/ restaurants

It’s not about fancy car to take me around

It’s not about how many stars is on the hotel we’re staying

It’s not how many numbers are in the bottom page of the bills

It’s how your eyes lit up with excitement when you see me

It’s how your steps was so light you practically floating when you have me in your arms

It’s how you position your arm and shoulder for my head and pull my body even closer every night once I hop into our bed

It’s how you can find pretend (and fail) to not show your jealousy.

It’s how you say “we” and “us”

It’s not about how pretty she is

It’s how you talk so excitedly about her

It’s not about how long you’ve known her

It’s how you two get so lost in the conversation about ya'll past I’d stood there awkwardly not knowing what to do

It’s not that you don’t see her every day or week

It’s how you get out of your way to make time and effort to

It’s how you stop whatever you're doing and answer whenever she call

It’s not about the title you two put in the relationship

It’s the proudness in your voice whenever you mention ya'll relationship.

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