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How I cook my WHITE RICE

It's "only" white rice you say. But coming from South East Asia, rice is my main course. It's a key to a good meal. Perfect steamed white rice should be fluffy instead of mushy,

Try how I cook my white rice.


1 - 2 cup White rice - I always opt for a Jasmine white rice. But I like anything jasmine. Hot tea, perfume to the real life Jasmine plant. So you can go with your fav white rice.

1/2 tbsp Oil or butter of your choice. I switched between butter or olive oil.

1 Clove of garlic. Smashed and peeled.


  • Rinse your rice 3 times

  • Add water to your first joint. Make sure your rice is leveled.

  • Add 1tbsp butter/ coconut/ olive oil

  • Add your peeled smashed garlic

  • Cook it however you like to cook your rice. I use rice cooker cause I cook rice about 3-4 times a week.


If you like me who prefer to cook enough rice to last couple of days you'd know that leaving your steamed rice in a temperature room will caused it go bad quickly but keeping it in the refrigerator will make your rice hard.

My tips, once you take it out of your refrigerator and ready to eat your rice, add a little bit amount of water into your rice and stick it into your microwave for 1 minute. Take it out and give it a good stir. If you think it needs more water, add a bit more and stick it back to your microwave for another 30seconds.

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