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Getting ready for Pneumonectomy (Lung removal surgery)

Dr. XXXXX has diagnosed the lesion as sclerosing mucoepidermoid carcinoma.
Dr. XXXXX indicates in his report that this is an exceedingly rare entity with fewer than
40 reported cases in the literature. All of the previously reported cases arose in major or
minor salivary glands, and none were primary lung tumors.

What they said was "just" a tumor turn out to be a rare Cancer. The decision was made. They need to take out my entire left lung along with bunch of lymph nodes as much as they can. Being a 37y.o healthy female, "shocked" wouldn't even cover what I felt. So me and my Husband get ourselves ready for the "big day"

Here are things we prepared/ changed in our bedroom and house cause I'm a stubborn lady who wouldn't want to sit still:

  • Put a single size bed in our bedroom for me with a bunch of little pillows. I opted for a firmer mattress because I imagine I wouldn't want too much movement after the surgery. and I was right.

  • Ensure a clear pathway around the house.

  • Being Asian, I need running water for whenever I use a bathroom. We already had a bidet installed but since I wasn't sure if I can still squeeze that thing, my Dear Husband got me fancy heated toilet seat with bunch of button to press for the running water I so need. LOL

  • We lifted everything (pets food, hamper by the laundry, etc.) to my hips height so I can still move around and do stuff without bending over.

  • Bunch of bottled water and snacks by my bed.

  • This one is funny but my Husband got me a door bell. He's ALWAYS busy working around our house and yard and he wanted to make sure I can get him whenever I feel like so he gave me the door bell button thing and put the speaker thing outside of our front door. I gotta admit, I laughed at the idea but it turned out to be one of the most used features during my recovery time.

My surgery was scheduled to start early in the AM and we both didn't feel like getting up super early to drive to the Hospital so we booked a room right by the Hospital. We had a nice dinner and enjoy our night. My Surgeon also told us that most likely than not, I will be in the ICU for the first night and they can't allowed my Husband to stay the night in the ICU so he stayed in the hotel until I was released from the Hospital. It was the best arrangements. He would come home from work, took a shower, walk to to the Hospital to visit me, walk me for a couple of minutes as instructed and then went back to the hotel for his night sleep.

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